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Back To Basics

Disconnect to reconnect

Back To Basics is based upon the idea of a digital detox by letting go of what connects us to our day-to-day obligations, so that we can truly tune into our environment, explore a new mindset and create deeper connections with the people around us. We know that being online is a full-time job, which is why Back To Basics offers the opportunity to take the holiday we truly deserve.  

How does Back To Basics work?

Step I: Upon arrival at the hotel, guests will be greeted with a detox juice to start the wellness journey.  

Step II: After checking in, guests will hand over their electronic devices to the reception team and start the adventure of an unforgettable holiday.   

Step III: To fully relish this unique holiday, while still having the opportunity to document unforgettable memories of the Gecko experience, guests will receive:  

– a polaroid camera to capture all the moments  

– a map of the island to discover Formentera  

– a mobile phone without camera or internet connection  

Reserve your Back To Basics experience by selecting it during the last step of your booking to enjoy a different kind of holiday in Formentera with Gecko, discovering all the magical corners that the island has to offer.